emis Modegalerie


a space where

Highfashion, created by the most prestigious designers Japan has to offer, meets its equivalent in quality, style, design and emotion.



Since 1992 our shop has been only slightly modified. We believe that, when it comes to Fashion, the most important thing is the way it is perceived, without the distraction of modern furniture or architecture. The Term ‘Modegalerie’ (German for Fashion Gallery) is something we take great pride in calling ourselves. When entering our store, you will find that the way we present our cloths is unique to Vienna.




Back in the early 90ties emis Modegalerie began to present the work of designers such as Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto in Vienna. Since then the work with particularly Japanese Designers has intensified and lead to a very strong bond between our shop and Japanese High-Fashion. 



Japanese High-Fashion

has always had its standings in bigger parts of the world, solely out of the fact that their techniques of production and their understanding for materials outshines all others in a way that not only the trained eye can see but for anyone who has once had the chance to wear their clothing. From the Pleated clothing of Issey Miyake to the sportswear designed by Yohji Yamamoto and produced by the amazing sportswear company Addidas, simply Called Y-3, we offer a wide variety of different clothing.